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E m b o d I e d
b e I n g n e s s

s o m a t i c  a t t u n e m e n t  


t h e r a p e u t i c  t o u c h


body.centered approach to

healing . empowerment . consciousness

Thankful for you, your ability to help bring me into my body, and your loving heart."

C h l o e  E h l e r s  .  C A 

y o u . n e s s

::: y o u . n e s s :::

you will be heard
you will be held
you will be honored

sessions are harmonized to 

meet you where you are 
address your intentions . needs . challenges . desires 
cultivate your safe
 . sacred healing space
explore the textures of your life 
that are not always rational

yet manifest in the most tangible of ways 

. schedule a session when you need . 

::: a hand to hold through a challenge . stress 


::: help integrating personal insights . inquires . lived experiences . traumatic events 


::: assistance harmonizing physical . emotional . mental pain 

::: facilitation in regulating . rewiring . resourcing the nervous system 


::: direction in expanding self.awareness by developing bodies.awareness


::: guidance in identifying . releasing limiting beliefs . thought patterns


::: momentum resolving energetic stagnations


::: encouragement holding yourself accountable for your healing . personal growth 


::: a witness to hold sacred space for your process


::: support in simply being 

t o g e t h e r . n e s s

::: t o g e t h e r . n e s s :::

our sessions unfold in the primordial language of vibration through somatic attunement & therapeutic touch

divinely guided and in alignment for the highest good and growth of us both 

healing happens together . this is a co.creative practice 

. together we can . 

::: recognize how to identify . locate . express your feelings . sensations . thoughts . beliefs ~ be it through imagery . words . memories . sounds . movements

::: orient yourself to your sensations . surroundings as to be in the here and now with greater ease . security in this ever.evolving modern landscape 


::: unwind tension . trauma in the body tissues . organ networks . endocrine structures . nervous system to support their communication . functioning

::: cultivate capacity to be with . contain sensations . emotions . thoughts . movements 


::: practice safe modulation between states of activation . relaxation to revive stagnated energy . restore resilience 

::: discover how building self.awareness encourages deeper understanding . acceptance . embodiment . love of your beingness

::: remember the divine intelligence . sacred wisdom your bodies receive . hold . protect over this and many lifetimes of embodiment

::: resource your bodies with new . positive . supportive experiences . information . feedback

::: develop discernment of your needs . boundaries . authority to create healthier . authentic ways of relating to yourself . others . natural world

::: foster a safe environment to explore . repattern your limiting beliefs . thought patterns 


::: strengthen your relationship with your internal guidance . knowingness . personal power . choice 

::: alchemize our together.ness to become medicine for healing yourself . others 

::: integrate your bodies for peace in beingness 

m e . n e s s


::: m e . n e s s :::

heart . centered . human

. d e d i c a t e d  to .


the dimensionality of

being embodied

healing unresolved . unmet . overwhelming

experiences & expressions of life 

to liberate energy for new experiences

& reclaiming the power of personal choice 

i n s p i r e d  b y .







. t r a i n s &  s t u d i e s  in .

manual & movement therapies

soul wisdom teachings

somatic & neuroaffective practices

craniosacral & polarity therapies

yoga teachings


CMTC cert # 90010

insured by AMTA

i  believe  being  with  what  is  creates  space  for  what  one  desires

t o g e t h e r . n e s s


" He simply reminds people of who they have always been. "  

  tao te ching . lao tzu . stephen mitchell  

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